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Psalm 23 (rebooted)

(A Psalm of Nigel… taken from David)

I am the Lord’s sheep. He is my shepherd. He is there to guide me and I am there to be guided. Whilst I know that I shall lack nothing with Him as my shepherd, for some reason I still live in repetitive fear that I will go without something and be left alone. It is not true, but it still sneaks in to my head.

I feel His firm hand on me as he lays me down in the lush green grass, besides quiet waters. The only thing that disturbs the peace is my bleating, as I keep trying to find out what the grass is like over there and there and whether I should have such peace. My soul needs restoring, but I wonder if I ever stop long enough to let it happen.

My shepherd guides my path in righteousness, but I am constantly wandering off without thinking. But my shepherd keeps on guiding, because he is my shepherd. That’s what he does.

At those times when I walk through the shadowy valleys, that suggest and feel like death, I don’t need to fear evil. I find that as I walk in the dark, I can sense the presence of my shepherd staff… even when I find it almost impossible to see the shepherd. I really don’t need to fear evil in those dark places… but often I still do. Until I stop. Then I notice that my shepherd is, in fact, right next to me and feel immense comfort from the presence of his staff and the knowledge that He is with me.

My shepherd prepares a table for me. My enemies might think I deserve to eat off of the floor, but my Lord sits me in His banqueting hall at His table to eat His food. Everyone can see that He loves me, even those who hate me. My Lord anoints my head with oil to show that I am not only a sheep of His flock, but a son of His family. If I can but notice it, my cup overflows because He gives me more than enough of everything that I need.

Because I am His sheep and His son, good things and His love will be with me and upon me for every minute of my life. Nothing can happen to me that will separate me from Him and so everything is good, for the rest of my life.

I am His and so I will live in His presence for ever. Nothing will change that. I just pray that I perceive it.