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Nigel Warner

This Blog is about Theology. Let me rephrase that. This Blog is Theology and it is about God.

My name is Nigel Warner. I am a disciples of Jesus who writes. I am also a husband, father, copywriter, funeral celebrant, and a few other things too. I own a copywriting company called Treetopview which works with clients to put their knowledge and professionalism into clear and compelling words. I live and work in Braintree, Essex. You can read about my work and my professional blog on my website by visiting me here.

Currently, my wife and I are members of Kings Community Church, where we are community group leaders and I have been known to preach. Previously, I was a church leader until I felt the call of God to step down for a season and leave my denomination so that God could perform some heart surgery.

I am very interested in the things that God is saying and doing with His people and in the world. My intention, with this blog is simply to have a place to share some thoughts and ideas where other’s can access them. Cathartic for me and, God willing, helpful for my readers. I welcome feedback and thoughts and would love to hear what people think about the things that are posted here. I would also welcome guest blogs. Simply get in touch through the contact form or email me through Treetopview and we can discuss it.

I would also ask that, if you find this blog worthwhile, you follow it by using the button marked ‘Sign me up!’. It will ask for your email address and then you will get a message whenever something new is published. I hope you will feel able to join me as I pray and think and write about Jesus.

One thought on “About

  1. Thank you. Great musings to start the day with and much that points to a need to grow, you are not on this journey alone. X

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