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A Psalm of Nigel


This Psalm has already been published on my friends Facebook group, “Write a Psalm a Day”, but I wanted it to be on my blog too. I have become more and more interested in writing short stories and psalms as a method of expressing things to God and so I hope that this might speak to you too.


I wait impatiently for the Lord.

He hears my cry, but still I moan.

He sets my feet upon a rock and still I complain.

I cry and weep as time goes by far slower than I would like.

Even though I am certain that He hears me, I say the same things time and again.

I rail against the constraints that he has put on me and I complain often.


Yet, my God is patient with me.

He listens, again and again.

My God is patient with me,

even when I am impatient with Him.

He knows me and still He loves me.

He knows me and still He calls me.

And slowly I learn.

There is no one like my God.


I know the truth.

God is perfect.

His timing is flawless.

His knowledge is complete.

His actions are matchless.

Even if I have to wait forever,

God’s will WILL be done,

God’s glory WILL be seen.

God’s word WILL go forth.


The God I serve is beyond compare.

Nothing in this life even comes close to Him.

He speaks to me with words of comfort and patience.

My Father is always encouraging.

I am his child and He loves me.


Who is there like you, O Lord my God?

There is nothing and no one I would rather serve.

I submit to your ways, even if I don’t understand.

Still, I wait impatiently for the Lord… yet, still I wait.

Without His word I will not move a single step.


When the prison door opens I will dance into the light!

Author: nigelthewarner

Disciple, husband, father, writer and football fan.

2 thoughts on “A Psalm of Nigel

  1. Love this psalm! Whenever I have tried writing a psalm, it always ends up too long!

    Hi Nigel! I don’t know if you remember me – my parents are Gail & Martin, and we used to hang out at the Canterbury CFC and SMB. I think I used to call you Niggel, which I thought was very daring of me, and you used to make us laugh, even though I could see you were often sad. You inspired me when I was a kid! Or teenager, or whenever it was.

    Anyway! I see we have parallel lives, because after a decade or so in Chrisian ministry in one way or another, I became too ill to have a job (M.E.) and I kinda fell into writing. I’m also married, like you, and have a little boy, who is scrumptious. It’s nice to see your face! Blessings.

    • Thanks Tanya, that is very kind of you. I certainly remember you guys from CFC, and the fact that your Dad was my mum and dads solicitor. I will email you to make better contact if that is ok. I have also asked to friend on FB.
      Hope to catch up soon.

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